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Are you looking for a guide for the perfect daytrip, walking tour or  photosafari  on the island of Santiago  in the Cape Verde archipelago?  Or are you looking for a guesthouse to rent  on Santiago island?

Then you have reached the right address. For many years we have visited the island of Santiago, the birthplace of my wife, where we now permanently live since 2011.

In recent years, I have got to know the island well. Nowadays I make  day trips, walking tours and photo safaris on the island of Santiago with groups of up to 5 persons. We also rent an guesthouse and we offer birdwatching -  and hikingpackage deals.

On this website we give  an overview of the possibilities we offer for you to enjoy the sea, nature, tranquillity and the people of Cape Verde.

We stand for:

"Responsible travel to places of natural beauty with a focus on nature preservation and the wellbeing and prosperity of the local population”

We wish you a lot of fun on our website and maybe we will see you!

CaboNed EcoTourism

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