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CaboNed EcoTourism

We are engaged in small-scale tourism: Conservation of nature, culture and human rights are central.

For us it is important that we respect nature, so that future generations can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Furthermore, we respect the local culture with a focus on the wellbeing and prosperity of the local population.

We stand for:
Responsible travel to places of natural beauty with a focus on nature preservation and the wellbeing and prosperity of the local population.

Etienne  & Marli de Jager Semedo dos Santos.

English translation edited by: RICHARD WILLAN (RAW Services)
Sea turtles in Cape Verde are known as "Tartaruga" and is an endangered species.

In Cape Verde, everything is done to the "Tartaruga" of utter devastation.

For more information about the "Tartaruga" click on the picture.
Tartaruga breeds on Capeverde