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Cape Verde has various music styles. The most famous are the "funana” and “morna”. The “funana” is swinging dance music while “morna” is a lot slower and more melancholic

A large Cape Verdean community lives in the Netherlands, especially in Rotterdam. In Cape Verde and the Cape Verdean communities in the U.S. and Europe, the Cape Verdean community in the Netherlands is known for its contribution to the Cape Verdean popular music, usually Zouk.


Portuguese is the official language in Cape Verde, but Crioulo, a blend of Portuguese language and African languages is usually spoken.


Overall, the Cape Verdean  cuisine is Portugese oriented.

Pastel com diablo dentro - (Devil's pie). This is a pancake of potato and maize flour with fresh tuna, tomatoes and onions. This assembly is fried and served hot.

Caldo de peixe - is a very popular fish stew.

The national dish is Cachupa, a corn dish with different kinds of beans.

Cachupa,the national dish Gil Semedo
Gil Semedo, Cape Verdean popular singer
Caçhupa, “The” national  dish