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Hiking Package  “Day 2.”

Day Hike “Rasto - Montanha - Cruz de Fundura”.

After breakfast you start your hike from the guesthouse towards "Rasto".

You primarily walk over  donkey trails to "Rasto" at a altitude of 750m. (The guesthouse is situated at an altitude of 485m. so an increase of more than 250m.)

You walk on a ridge at an altitude of nearly 800m. ,with great views all around. Here you will find a nice place to use your lunch.

On a very clear day it might be possible to overlook the Islands of  "Maio", "Boa Vista", "Fogo" and of course "Santiago!"

You continu the hike direction "Galeão."

From "Galeão" you have the possibility to go via "Nhagar" (where a local  Grogue distillery is situated)  and "Cutelo Montanha" back to the guesthouse.

On the way to the Guesthouse You'll cross "dirt roads" / donkey trails and cobble stone roads.

At the end of the hike in “Boca Larga” you have the possibility to come back to the Guesthouse trough The "Ribeira de Boca Larga"  or by a cobble stone road.

The total duration of this hike is 4-5 hours and apart from the great views and the stunning scenery you make part of the daily life of the local people.

In "Ribeira de Boca Larga"