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Hiking Package “Day 4.”

Day Hike “Picos - Cruz de Fundura”.

From "Leitão Baixo"  you passe through the riverbed of  "Ribeira de Fundura" on donkey paths and the “Ribeira” to "Matinho".

From "Matinho" you walk back to the guesthouse.

This is a "heavier" trip and takes about 6 hours.

(depending on speed and stopping times).

You can have lunch (from your lunchbox) at the desired time at the desired location during your hike.

To shorten (abt 1 hour) the hike it is possible to go from "Picos" to "Leitão Baixo" by an “aluguer” (bustaxi) . (The road from "Picos" to "Leitão Baixo" is an asphalted road).

One can also extend the hike (abt 2 hours)  by visiting the nearby dam of “Faveta”.

After breakfast you start your hike from the guesthouse towards  "Bur-Bur" via "Cacheu “ to the village of "Picos" on the center of the island.

The trip to "Picos" takes about 1.5 hours. In "Picos" you will find beautiful colonial buildings and a special rock formation. You'll cross "dirt roads" / donkey trails and a cobble stone road.

From "Picos" you have the opportunity to walk back the same route for 1.5 hours or to make a long hike. The long hike goes  via "Achada Leitão" (hike ST301) to "Leitão Baixo"

Onderweg naar Picos "Quebrada" onderweg naar "Matinho"