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Cape Verde  is part of Macronesia, together with the Canary Islands and the Azores.

The total area of all islands combined is over 4000 square kilometres.

The archipelago is located 620 km from the coast of West Africa and is situated on the latitude of Senegal.

There are ten major islands, of which nine are inhabited. The landscape is mostly hilly and sometimes resembles a moonscape. Few islands are green.

The islands are divided into the Barlaventos (upwind) and Sotaventos (leeward)


The Barlaventos are:

The Sotaventos are:

The easternmost islands are all quite flat and barren, while the western islands are mountainous and covered with vegetation. All the islands have volcanic soil.

The largest island is the rocky São Tiago (Santiago), it measures 991 km ² and has about 230,000 inhabitants. The Cape Verdean capital, Praia, capital of the archipelago, is situated on the island.

Fogo Island has the highest mountain with a summit of 2840 meters and consists of a still active volcano.

The greenest islands are Santo Antão and the interior of Santiago, because they have the most rainfall.

Ribeira da Barca, Santiago