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Hiking Package on Santiago

Santiago is a beautiful place to hike.

We offer individual hiking packages on the island of Santiago.

The hikes take place in the interior of Santiago ("Montanha" - "Boca Larga" - "Cruz Fundura"), the Natural park of "Serra Malagueta" and the area of "Pico d'Antonia".

We have made a "standard" package for you, which can be changed according to your individual wishes.

“Standard” Package:

Day 1: Arrival  “Kaza di Marli” at Boca Larga Fundura.


Day 2: Day hike “Rasto - Montanha - Cruz de Fundura”.

Day 3: Day hike “Serra Malagueta”.

Day 4: Day hike “Picos - Cruz de Fundura”.

Day 5: Day hike “Pico d’Antonia”.

Day 6: Day hike “Liberão - Cruz de Fundura”.

Day 7: After breakfast departure from “Kaza di Marli”.

Price individual Hike Package.

Information day 1.

Information day 2.

Information day 3.

Information day 4.

Information day 5.

Information day 6.

Information day 7.