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Cape Verde or the Cape Verde Islands

(Portuguese: Cabo Verde) is a country (archipelago) at the west coast of Africa. The archipelago was formerly named  Ilhas de Cabo Verde,  because of the location of the islands at Cabo Verde (Green Cape), the westernmost tip of the African continent in Senegal.

When the country became independent, the name was changed to Cabo Verde.   

Info Cape Verde

Capeverdian flag
Waiting for the fishermen at Tarrafal, Santiago. "Fishing boats" Tarrafal on Santiago

Official language:      Portuguese

Capital:                      Praia

Government:              Republic

Religion:                     Catholic.

Surface:                     4.033 km2

Population:                538.535 (2014)

Currency:                   Cape Verde Escudo (CVE)

UTC:                           -1

National holiday:       July 5